Thursday, May 25, 2006


I am an occasional visitor to, and man, has she got it right this time! Project managers, middle management and morons deserve everything earmarked for them by said Child Prodigy. My Esteemed Colleague Tony and I are about at the end of our tethers with our management, have been for some time, and if they ask me to rewrite the project plan / monthly report / budget one more time, there might be something worse than a pencil stabbed into their neck / eye / heart. Argh!!!

Worse, stress at management's sanctimonious blindness to any sense of reason or understanding drove us to go out last night and drink too much, so I am not feeling on tippy-top form today, and still had to go to my gym session and lift heavy weights, deal with more management-created sh1t on another subject, as well as office moves (much noise and upheaval). One small saving grace was that some of the moving men were actually quite easy on the eye. (There is a severe shortage of totty in this office. Viz, none.)

Roll on the long weekend, I say.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

How are your seams?

'They're glorious, thanks for asking!'

Not too Queer Eye a response there for you? This is a genuine poll which you can respond to now on (Statistics section, Knitting Review link). And what on earth is a love sweater??

The yarn plans are moving forward. In fact, they are currently in a big rush as mum told me that we are shearing in a week. Argh! I called the spinner yesterday and he said he would check with the guys in the mill, but he thinks he can do what I want. I have chased up the Uni *again* to ask their knitwear design students if they will do some designs and patterns for us. Honestly.

So, you guys reading, do you knit? If so, what kind of things do you like to knit? Hats? Bags? Scarves? Jumpers? I would be interested to find out, because we are planning on doing a small book of patterns. Or if you don't knit, do you want to learn?

My brother and I went to a Business Startup expo at the Excel centre last weekend, and came back with lots of enthusiasm and ideas for our business plans. Do any of you guys have wacky ideas? (Can't be much worse than my wool idea!) Want to share and get some feedback? One of the recurring messages was to do just that - get some feedback, find out if your great idea is actually great in the eyes of other people, adapt it, develop it. Learn about people who can help you.

Perhaps we could all eventually get out of our boring 9-5s and do Something Less Boring Instead.