Thursday, October 29, 2009

Status updates

Too many to do today so here they are all at once:

Katie… repulsed by the dapper old man on the train filing his fingernails and then using the sharpened talons to pick interesting things out of his beard and peruse them.

...wonders how on earth The Thong Song got on her ipod amused by the power exec in his large Merc listening to Guns n Roses’ Sweet Child of Mine at top volume at the traffic lights pleased her car worked this morning – hurrah for WD40! kinda relieved what she thought were just fat ankles are actually disfunctional muscle build up do to with things to do with her bad back. If the back gets fixed perhaps they’ll go away.

...likes the Green Slime chocolate rolls someone has brought in for their birthday cakes. tickled by a restaurant having a caviar menu. Starting at £120.

Next week I'm away training in Paris, back at that lovely chateau. Shame.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

We were only away two weeks! Suddenly it's autumn over here! It's a bit of a shock coming back from Florida where it's been mid to high 20s and walking off the plane and having to chisel ice off the car.

Our condo overlooked the Atlantic and in the mornings you could watch dolphins and pelicans working their way up and down the beach.

We were at the condo with The Man's family, but then we two disappeared off for a couple of days to Orlando to do the parks. There will be some more pics of Amelia Island, including of a submarine, but I had to offload them onto the MIL2B's laptop. My camera only stores pics internally, so clearly I need to RTFM. Meanwhile here are some pics from Universal Studios and Disney.

Getting wet on rides seems to be a popular theme.

Dr Seuss area was fab! One of my fave rides even though The Man thought it was lame-o and for kids.
Most sick-making rollercoaster which The Man rode twice (and screamed like a girl both times I expect, but I can't vouch for the second time).

Blues Brothers arriving for their gig.

Dancing in the street...
We stayed on in the evening for the Halloween haunted house extravaganza, which was really good. It was billed as the best in the States, and it was scary! There was a Saw house, all dark and spooky with the characters jumping out at you and hostages screaming, characters in the street following people (zombies, vampires, Texans with chainsaws), a Rocky Horror Show tribute, and loads of other stuff happening but the queues got ridiculous and we'd been there for 13hours and my feet were shredded.
Next day we dragged outselves out of bed to go to Disney's Magic Kingdom.

Capt Jack Sparrow (savvy).

Can you see Mickey?

On the whole Disney was pitched too young even for my mental age and could do with a lick of paint in places and some decent places to eat. The evening fireworks were good though.

After two days at the parks though, I felt like this:

We did visit Walmart. Bargainous and big craft section.

And KnitWitz yarn store in Jacksonville - they were sweeties and gearing up for having a midnight knit-in! When I got home there was the next Socktopus parcel! Which looks fabbo - a Cookie A pattern this time.

So, the first installment will follow. Sorry to be topsy turvy.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


I can't read. I mean, I can read, obviously, but at the moment I'm unable to read. I have a nasty eye infection called iritis which is an infection of the iris, which involved going to the optician who recoiled in horror and packed me off to the hospital with dire warnings of losing my sight unless I got it seen to IMMEDIATELY, which scared the holy bejesus crap out of me. The completely disinterested doctor at the hospital has given me drops which dilate my pupil so I'm really sensitive to light, so even though it was a lovely day today the curtains were drawn. Sigh. What a pest.

On the plus side, it's starting to get better, and we're off on hols at the weekend so I can rest up and get rid of all these problems and hopefully come back fixed and fighting fit. Will be back in two weeks with lots of pics. Take care all!