Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I really need a DAB radio. I've gone from Xfm, with geezer DJs and new indie music, to listening to some frightfully well spoken middle-aged woman talking about cats, and playing 'show tunes'. Gah. Come back Terry Wogan, all is forgiven.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New things to do

Now I can do Anything At All, what are the options? There are so many, and I am researching a couple, so time will tell which ones look like serious options:

1. Start a wedding planning business.
This would require some research and also a lot of legwork researching and visiting businesses in T Wells to get them on the team. Also, it would be a gradual start to get going.

2. Start a business doing something with the wool produced by the farm.
The sheep farm produces aroung 2 tonnes of wool a year, of which just over 1T would be suitable for spinning into yarn for hand knitting. Which is a craze taking off in a big way. Currently we get paid about 70p per kilo for this wool (which is good compared to some, but still a pittance, considering it costs £1 to shear the sheep!). Knitting wool retails at £4-£12 per 100g. There are a lot more Romney sheep farmers with a lot more wool in the area. This is definitely worth looking into!

3. Become a teacher.
Apparently Psychology teachers are in big demand at the moment, and with a Psych degree that is an option. Or, I could look at teaching IT. How many weeks holiday to teachers get a year?? Got to be worth considering!

4. Help do something with the farm freezer lamb business / shoot / cherry business.
Value could be added to these by someone with the time...

Note that none of these require the dreaded COMMUTING...!!

Pulling the rug out from under you

Jonathan and I parted ways last week, after four years. It was all very amicable and hopefully will remain so, but needed to be done. I have moved back to my parents' and it is weird, very weird. The whole of my life is different now. I am commuting into London again, like I was doing six years ago before I moved into the city to live. The period when I was living in London now seems rather dream-like. I feel like I have gone back to the beginning again. In some ways that is very frustrating - instead of feeling like I have got my freedom again, it feels more like being stifled. But on the other hand, now I can do anything, make any choices, and go anywhere. And everyone is being totally supportive and helpful. Isn't it strange to be in a situation like that but feel the exact opposite?