Thursday, September 14, 2006

Power out

We had a *massive* thunder and lightening storm last night, right over the house. I love a good storm. However this one knocked the power out and it was still out this morning. We had some people over from the Czech Republic who are buying some sheep from us, so we all sat around in the kitchen chatting by candlelight. Then I did some knitting by candlelight. I felt very Olde Worlde. Anyway, I've finished the neck trim of the tank top I'm doing, so there are just two arm trims to go, and a little bit of seam sewing.

Apart from that, Clare and I have had an offer accepted on a flat, so we will be flatmates soon - will she cope with having to be sociable?? *;) And Mum and I have recently returned from a business trip to Italy about the wool business. Which was extremely hard work but essential to do. We visited four factories, then spent two hours (not long enough) discussing colours, sitting around a table with four Italians while they poked and prodded and blended wools together to get the right shade with a hint of something else in, talking loudly over each other in Italian all the while. Excellent fun. I felt a bit like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman in the dress shop - they would pull some other example from the cupboard and say, 'This?' and I would shake my head, or waggle it 'maybe', or give a definite 'Si', yes. Then the finished example would be clipped to the sample board to be sent to the dyer.

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