Sunday, October 15, 2006

Successful knitting project

I have a problem with sizings in knitting projects - usually jumpers come out vast. So vast I can fit two people in them at once. I don't get it, I knit the test swatch, all the measurements match the pattern, and by the time I've finished the thing has grown like one of mum's courgettes (aka marrows). But it's only jumpers - cushion covers, toys, anything else comes out fine.

So, it was lovely to do a project where you are actually *supposed* to knit the thing huge to start with. And then, in this case, bung it in the washing machine on a hot cycle (another woolly disaster area we know all too well) and shrink the thing down to something manageable.

Here is a pic of the complete bag:

Here is a pic post-wash. Count the bricks!

And here is a gratuitous picture of Mir, requested following previous mention. I told you she poses shamelessly for the camera.


Greta said...

awww, what a cute dog!

The bag looks nice, too. I left my knitting at home; when I go home for a weekend I'll have to pick it up - I need something to do with my hands!

Calabar Gal said...

The bag looks nice. Lovely Lemon or is it Mint? (smile) Mir must be used to the camera by now. The sole object of ur affections, katie.

Katie said...

It's apple green apparently, according to the instructions! Thanks for dropping by - lovely to have some comments.