Friday, April 20, 2007

Hilarious and worrying

My flatmate has a large collection is fascinating, brilliant, hilarious and intriguing books, pamphlets, instructions on life and other paper-based products. She's just dug one out called Moonflower - A Manual of Menstrual Mysteries. This is a fantastic home-produced manual which has had us in tears of mirth for about an hour. Here is a small extract:

Circle Dance
Red flood
Tidal blood
Heartbeat of fertility!
Circle dance
Lunar trance
Invoke the new reality!
Drumming sound
Awake the inner power!
Lady Earth
The lotus is in flower!
Vein throb
Breath sob
Vesuvius outpouring!
Don't fail
Sunder veil!
The ocean ever roaring!

How many exclamation marks does one need?? And Vesuvius outpouring???? What is this, the Exorcist?

Another rather disturbing rhyme:

The Wine of Life
Monthly brewed
Claret wine, securely lapped
Unique vintage of a single earth.
Drink deep of scarlet
From the sacred chalice.

Good grief. Is it me or is this rather sexually dubious?

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Clare said...

The flatmate would like to point out that although this book is 'homemade' it was not made by her.