Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Men's pants - update

Clare has found a link to the following website which sells interesting men's pants:


Please, gentle reader, be sitting down and not too close to the screen when you view. (My first reaction was a loud Argh!! followed by Eww!!)

Good luck!

And many thanks to B T Bear for linking.


Infomancy said...

Eww's a bit unfair! There are certainly some startling patterns and some bright ones - which won't be to everyone's taste! -, but there are other, more discrete ones too. Perhaps you didn't mean the patterns and colours?! At least you said they were interesting.

There are other Mundo Unico (the brand) designs, but AsdruMark (a UK stockist) don't have all of them (yet?). (I've tracked down a few other outlets, but that's part of a much longer story.)

Why unfair? I'll take up your challenge!

Katie said...

Infomancy - I've finally read the Longer Story - You weren't kidding were you? An impressive amount of research there. I am still unsettled by the shape of the pouches though. Is this something that men like? Perhaps I just prefer more of a Regency flat fronted look or have lasting psychological damage from watching Top of the Pops as a child in the 70s... (Did jeans really have to be so tight that you could tell which side the singers dressed?) To be honest I have still not seen a pic of men's pants which has made me think Phwoargh. Are there any other manufacturers apart from Mundo Unico out there that do interesting pants?

Good luck and thank you!