Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What do you do when you want to do nothing?

It's is *such* a drag coming back to work. Having some time off is always a dangerous thing, and even though I've not been away on a hot sunny island, I've still spent some fun time at home with family and friends, really appreciating the town I live in (T Wells it lovely). Coming back to work in London is painful. Reading a novel set in the south of France while commuting to said painful work was probably not the best choice. All I want to do is potter in a garden and drink local wine and eat local cheese. Grrr.

Add to that the fact that my Esteemed Flatmate has quit work for three months to do all the things she wants to do but never has time for, viz:
1) write (book / radio play / short stories)
2) walk long distance paths around the UK
3) go on a National Trust working holiday
4) Play Zelda on Nintendo DS.
Well, you can see why coming in to work may be quite difficult at the moment!

Apart from that, all is good. Christmas was lovely, my man wants me to move in with him in the summer, my nephew has stopped screaming blue murder and is actually becoming quite cute, the boiler hasn't broken for a while (touch wood), the days are getting longer, I've caught up with quite a few friends recently, and Amazon has just sent me another parcel.

On the Men's Pants front, I am still searching. I was in Hoopers with my man just after xmas and caught sight of some Calvin Klein pants boxes, and I could not stifle a giggle. I'm sorry. They just look so ridiculous, all posing and rippling and thrusting. I prefer men in natural macho poses ie. throwing hay bales about or chopping logs. You know, perhaps if they changed the theme of pants pictures and did them in a natural setting like most ladies' clothing is, it might improve things. So, man in bathroom. Man washing up. (In pants? It's a stretch, but possible.) Man getting dressed (as long as socks go on later). Man drinking coffee and looking pensively/sternly out of the window. Man offering girlfriend flowers. Or maybe just lots of pants pegged out on the washing line. Look, no bulge!!

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