Thursday, October 29, 2009

Status updates

Too many to do today so here they are all at once:

Katie… repulsed by the dapper old man on the train filing his fingernails and then using the sharpened talons to pick interesting things out of his beard and peruse them.

...wonders how on earth The Thong Song got on her ipod amused by the power exec in his large Merc listening to Guns n Roses’ Sweet Child of Mine at top volume at the traffic lights pleased her car worked this morning – hurrah for WD40! kinda relieved what she thought were just fat ankles are actually disfunctional muscle build up do to with things to do with her bad back. If the back gets fixed perhaps they’ll go away.

...likes the Green Slime chocolate rolls someone has brought in for their birthday cakes. tickled by a restaurant having a caviar menu. Starting at £120.

Next week I'm away training in Paris, back at that lovely chateau. Shame.

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