Sunday, November 22, 2009

Golf shoes

On Friday I played golf with work, which was scary in prospect but in reality turned out not too bad. Apart from one manager saying, 'Are you caddying?' and then later, surprised, 'You look quite golfy!'. Well, grrr, he'd better watch out, I'm not taking any of that male chauvanist crapola.

The worst thing was my golf shoes, which used to be mum's, are about 15 years old and leak like a government back office. The Man, now I'm showing I'm serious about the golf lark, might arrange some new ones for me. Apparently the golf shoes to get are Footjoys, and on their website you can design your own personalised ones. How cool is that?! So I had some fun playing with the (shorter) batch of colours in the women's section.

And then you can put your initials on them if you like.

How freakishly scary is that, seeing your to-be initials for the first time?

Old and new together, for the changeover period.
Nope, it's just too weird. I'm going to have to come back to this.

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