Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Here follows a lesson in why you should not do anything more complicated than a stocking stitch square at knit group:

Can you see the problem?

Click on the pic to view in its full glory. This is also a lesson in making sure you pick up the same number of stitches going up as coming down. Buggrit.

This is Helena and is normally really cute, if you do the neck band according to the pattern. I read the instructions about counting section 1 to flange B, section 2 to the left armpit intersection, place marker and knit to section 22(a) subclause viii, and thought stuff it. Ha, said the pattern, you fool! So now one side has not enough stitches and pulls up, and the other has way too many and hangs down. Clearly at some point my fingers defrosted and the hot chocolate kicked in and my picking up rate changed. Yeah yeah, excuses...

This will be fixed, oh yes.

I must also share with you this:

A mutant got through the unigrape scanner. Check out this monster!

It was like three or four grapes had grown together and formed one super grape, about to Take Over The World, I tell you!!!!

The Man ate it. With great relish.

(He'd offered it to me but I was too scared. )

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