Monday, February 15, 2010


Finally, I started work on one of last year's new year's resolutions. Ideally one day I'll be making one of those amigurumi ninja vampire things, but for now I'm starting out with granny squares. Or hexagons. Whatever.

I'm using Aragon Yarns Classic Romney because I have all the colours in plentiful supply. :)

Here is the first hex! Hurrah for patterns that write things out in longhand with notes! Thanks Attic24 for assuming the reader knows nothing, because indeed, I know nothing. Really Obvious Information is gold dust for me.

I also purchased a swift, as previously mentioned. This is a sunflower swift, as opposed to one of those umbrella swifts, as some of the girls at knit group recommended this sort.

It definitely does the job. In fact, it spins so freely you have to wind like crazy to keep up. I may have to work out some kind of dampening mechanism. But it doesn't eat yarn and it keeps an even tension which are both Good Things for me.

So despite the physio prescribing me a Slob Day, which I booked in for Sunday, it seems I am completely rubbish at such things. Instead, I fixed the new front door dead bolt, did some hoovering, then mum called and asked if I wanted her to come over and help me make curtains out of the fabric I bought on Saturday. Reasons against: that is not slobbing, and I had man flu. Reasons for: I hadn't made curtains since I was about 16, couldn't remember how, was terrified of cutting the fabric in the wrong place, was scared about the pattern matching, and have dubious skills at machine stitching a straight line. Also we may have people wishing to use the room next weekend and I'm sure they'd appreciate some window coverage. So, some help, and help now, would be Excellent.

The fabric I'd bought was in the sale at our local haberdashery and fabric sort of place (half price at £11.50/m!) and is sort of silk look with embroidered flowers. Hey, it's for my craft room, I can be as girly as I like! The sales girl also sold me some brushed cotton lining, which is thicker than just normal cotton lining so you can sort of make it look like the curtains are almost interlined. Sort of. It's on the way at least. And these are not big sumptuous curtains for a fancy window so 'on the way' was just fine with me.

Here is mum hard at work hiding behind her hair with one curtain done (bar the bottom hems) hanging up behind her. She got a bit excited and wanted to see what they looked like.

Its soooo much nicer working with two of you! Especially on big things like curtains, so you can pull from opposite ends to make it flat. One can cut and the other sew. Hurrah for teamwork.

I'll post some better pics when they're both up. Unforts the people who sold us the house left a curtain pole with nine rings on it. Genius. So some kind soul is going to buy a bag of 24 so we can actually hang two curtains. It will probably be mum as The Man only knows his way around the fabric shop as far as to extract me from the yarn section. Bless.

Funny how, looking through those craft room pictures, I don't mind showing you all the clutter. It will get tidied up eventually, but it's currently functional clutter, so that feels kinda OK.

And as well as all that on Sunday I baked some cupcakes. Just in case I got bored at all. I am raising money at work for this charity walk and therefore hoping that they don't poison people. I did cheat, it's all cake mix and frosting from a pot. Someone's already asked for the recipe. Damn you, Betty Crocker!

The Man helped me frost and decorate some. I'm sure there's some domestic goddess in him somewhere.

That is all so far. Progress continues on the hex blanket and the whisper cardigan - I cast off the second sleeve this morning so now I have a shrug. I think I should try it on, it looks of indeterminate size (ie huge) at the moment. Next step is to pick up eleventy hundred dozen stitches all around the neck/waist/armhole. Evenly. This could be a Home Task - doing things like that on the train (especially with man flu) is just asking for trouble.

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