Tuesday, October 04, 2005

NYC and New England in the Fall...

Clare and I had a wonderful trip across the pond. We spent two days in NYC, where Rich's friend Bob had taken time off work to completely look after us and show us around all the sights and remind us to leave tips. *;) Thank you Bob, we had a terrific time! It was slightly surreal being in a city that I've seen so often on TV, but good fun to spot the places you knew. I loved the Statue of Liberty and the Chrysler Building at night.

We saw Rich's parents and brother on our way to New England, as well as some of Rich's work colleagues, and they were all the most lovely people. I don't think either of us realised how well known we are over there! I hope we didn't disappoint. It was a rather emotional day but I feel much better that we made the visit. I need to send thank you letters to everyone but I just don't know where to start, they were all so, well, lovely!

New England is a beautiful place. We scooted through Mystic and Newport in Connecticut and Rhode Island, and they are very cute fishing ports, then headed north via Boston into the mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont. The scenery was gorgeous up there, even though we were a bit too early for all the leaves. It was just starting to turn and you could see from only the few trees that had gone what amazing fiery colours you get there. Considering how many thousands and thousands of acres of forests there are, it must live up to its reputation!

I did too much shopping and got told off at the airport for having an overweight bag, but hey ho, watchyagonnado, right?


Scott the Reader said...

Glad you had a good time. Bob's a really nice guy, who I've known for a while too.

You don't tip in England?

Katie said...

No, we only tip in restaurants, and even then not all people do. Sometimes I don't, if the service has been terrible. (I know, naughty, but I've been a waitress and there are standards that should be kept!) In fact, I was quite uncomfortable with some situations that expect a tip in America. Like, if you've been staying in a B&B and have got to know the innkeepers quite well, leaving a tip in the room kind of feels like you are demoting them to chambermaid. Does one tip the mechanic who very kindly helped me put some more air in a tyre, even though it was self service? I probably should have, but all he got was a heartfelt thank you!

Bob was, as they say in some parts of London, a right diamond geezer. We had such a good time in New York!