Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New things to do

Now I can do Anything At All, what are the options? There are so many, and I am researching a couple, so time will tell which ones look like serious options:

1. Start a wedding planning business.
This would require some research and also a lot of legwork researching and visiting businesses in T Wells to get them on the team. Also, it would be a gradual start to get going.

2. Start a business doing something with the wool produced by the farm.
The sheep farm produces aroung 2 tonnes of wool a year, of which just over 1T would be suitable for spinning into yarn for hand knitting. Which is a craze taking off in a big way. Currently we get paid about 70p per kilo for this wool (which is good compared to some, but still a pittance, considering it costs £1 to shear the sheep!). Knitting wool retails at £4-£12 per 100g. There are a lot more Romney sheep farmers with a lot more wool in the area. This is definitely worth looking into!

3. Become a teacher.
Apparently Psychology teachers are in big demand at the moment, and with a Psych degree that is an option. Or, I could look at teaching IT. How many weeks holiday to teachers get a year?? Got to be worth considering!

4. Help do something with the farm freezer lamb business / shoot / cherry business.
Value could be added to these by someone with the time...

Note that none of these require the dreaded COMMUTING...!!

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