Friday, December 01, 2006


A commuter on the train the other morning answered his phone with a 'Really? Goodness!'

I am not used to listening to commuters' conversations on the train, and try hard to tune them out, but this one caught my curiousity. What did the other person say to this man to prompt him to reply like that?

'Darling, little Johnny had been climbing the apple tree, fell out but was caught by his ankles. He was swinging there for ten minutes but I've got him down now.'

'Mike, this is your mother. I've just run over a squirrel with my mobility scooter.'

'Sweetheart, I'm lying here in a black lacy basque and suspenders and thinking of you while doing unspeakable things to myself...'

You see how one's mind runs riot when bored on the train in the morning.

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Word Imp said...

Wonderful! Thanks for giving me a good laugh with this one. Here's my suggestion for what preceded the comment you heard on the train... "I just heard on the radio that your brother George has been named Sexiest Man Alive!" Now, for a sandwich suggestion... how about dates slathered in cream cheese. Forget the bread.