Monday, October 20, 2008

Can't it still be the weekend?

It was one of those weekends that seemed to last for ages but at the same time I still felt like it was Saturday on Sunday.

On Friday night The Man and I met up with Clare and Nick for dinner, where we ate proper pizza and drank far too much red wine, and I narrowly escaped having a hangover the next day. We went to Firebelly's on Mt Ephraim which I would recommend, the food was delicious. Clare and Nick have just been for a weekend in Dover, which seems a strange holiday destination but it seems if you're in the right part of town it has its own charms, like the castle and being able to watch warships coming into the harbour.

It was a good job I wasn't hungover on Saturday because I had to do the mother and father of all Sainsbury's shops. I really need to sort out the parking situation - carrying £150 worth of groceries (including bags of potatoes and rice) all along the High Street in one go was not the best idea, but I didn't want to have to go back to the car twice. My shoulders are still hurting!

Grandma and I had planned a shopping and lunch day, but on the day she wasn't up to the idea of town, so I suggested we go back to the farm instead, which was apparently much more agreeable. Autumn is lovely at the moment, and it was a beautiful bright crisp day. Dad and I took the dogs for a walk, and mum gave me some cast off pale grey suede peep-toe shoes which she says she will never wear but which go perfectly with my new(ish) dress.

I also popped into Bell House in Cranbrook, Mecca of fabric in the Weald, and got some oil cloth from their pretty impressive collection. I'm planning on making some Xmas presents out of them.

On Sunday, The Man and I, his brother and sister-in-law went to see Warhorse at the National Theatre. This was booked for us by The Man's mum, as she'd seen it. I read a review online on Friday and it did sound strange - 'Black Beauty in the trenches with puppets' was how they described it. OK, kinda. There were puppets, or more like animated life-size models, but it was the puppeteering which was the best thing - amazing, and so beautifully life-like. The Man's sister-in-law is pregnant so she has an excuse, but we were both sitting there in tears at the end.

Oh, and the last thing is that The Man did actually go for that new registration in the end, and he fitted number plates on Saturday:

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Glamourpuss said...

Aw, how sweet of him.

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