Thursday, November 13, 2008


There are things on my ipod I swear I never put on there. Samantha Fox's Touch Me (I want to touch your body)?? Good grief! Where did that come from?

The Man and I seem to have arrived at new levels of sharing. Last night, walking back from the gym, he said he'd had a tuna melt for lunch. Tuna, he thinks, seems to gives him wind. 'Oh dear', I said, 'you'd better not eat it any more.' 'Oh no', he replied, 'it entertained me all afternoon.'

Such insights into the male psyche I seem to be getting lately. I'm not sure if this is good (being open with each other) or ruining the mystique. Or whether blokes have any mystique to ruin...*;)

So anyway, The Sock is progressing quite well. I am trying a new technique of some increases around the end of the short rowing, where the foot is widest but the basic shape does not really increase apart from for the short rowing for the heel. This might be better demonstrated by a picture:

I had to rip the heel out once because I'd clearly forgotten how to short row, and there were huge lace-like holes everywhere. So, the best way I've found so far is to:

1. Double wrap and pick up both wraps
2. When you've picked up the wraps, unravel them so that you have three loops lying next to each other around the left hand needle
3. On knit stitches (ie when you've picked up the wraps and are about to knit them all together with the main stitch), knit through the back loop
4. Pull the wraps really tight as you go!

As you can see I am still mastering the picking up of the correct stitch when the short rows are finished to get rid of that joining together hole. I always seem to have to go back and fix it at the end with a needle and thread. Hey ho.
I'm also experimenting with doing some ribbing up the back of the ankle for a bit of shaping. We shall see what happens with that.
Ooo, just done some googling and it seems there's another short row method which uses backwards yarnovers, so I think I will give that a whirl and see what happens. (Another load of links here, but some don't work any more.) Yay for the internet!

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