Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New recruit

Firstly, the exciting news, that The Man has become an uncle! He has a little niece. Aw. More news on that as it comes in.

I had an interesting French lesson yesterday. We were discussing how the French's perception of the English and the English's perception of the French is somewhat around the wrong way. I was surprised when over there last week at how little socialising was done, and people didn't talk about their weekends, or ask if anyone wanted to eat lunch anywhere other than the staff canteen, or go out for dinner or a drink after work. The English have this idea of the French in a permanent sloshed-up eating environment, very jolly and welcoming if they like you, but in fact they are quite private people. I suppose that's why the office is still composed of individual cells, rather than open plan. It's open plan here in London, and people chat about their weekends and home life all the time. Even though the English are supposed to be very straight laced and reserved, and never let on if there's a problem.

So, clearly I'm learning a lot of grammar in French class at the moment. Ahem. Next week we're translating Asterix et les Normandes. To hell with the subjunctive tense!

I am romping through Sock le seconde this week, just about to turn the heel. I have another two inches on the second sleeve of the goddamn baby cables jumper, then I can decide what to do with the sleeve lengths and finish the blimmin thing. It's been on the go for so long it kinda smells, having been chucked into so many travelling bags and pushed around the floor for so long, so I think it requires some wet blocking so I can wash it at the same time. I fear the garter stitch will stretch for yards, so perhaps that will solve the sleeve length problem!

After that - well, I have the choice of the Socktopus socks, trying to design myself a tank top, or designing some felted egg cosies for easter. I think the latter takes the priority really, as they need to be done and put on the website. It would be ace if I could knit them on my flights to and from the States, but BA (yes British Airways I'm talking about you - google alert me!!) still subscribe to the ban on knitting needles. But they allow pencils, which is a more sturdy long pointy wooden thing, and therefore could potentially do more damage. It makes no sense and makes me cross. Actually, I could knit the egg cosies on pencils, they need to be big for felting. I've seen someone blog about doing just that. Might make matching the gauge difficult for people following the pattern though!

Right, back to the paperwork. Happy Year of the Ox.

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Clare said...

Perhaps decorate your knitting needles too look like pencils.

Or maybe you should start selling guauged pencils.