Sunday, January 04, 2009

Brave New Year

I am sitting here, with my feet up on the gym ball (which is quite the best use for it) watching the entire Colin Firth series of Pride and Prejudice on some obscure Sky channel. Six hours! And it's just got to the proposal scene! This Christmas has been really very laid back but I think it's just as well that it's coming to an end because I think I am starting to lose my marbles somewhat - becoming rather forgetful and airy fairy. Cooking has been badly burnt and craft projects deemed disasters and consigned to the bin. I think the leetle grey cells are suffering under too much tea and daytime TV...

Our Christmas Day walk required some sartorially dubious methods to avoid getting muddy trousers.

My little nephew Rory has started learning about How Things Work. I love how you can see things click into place in his mind.
And we ended up at the 02 on New Year's Eve, to see - guess who?

Can you see him behind that red piano on the star? Just about?

Alexandra Burke and Will Smith made an appearance.

There were an inordinate amount of boobs in the show, including the inflatable pair hanging in the ceiling, and Pammie's almost covered ones wiggling around a pole.

Nice shades huh?

Those are inflatable legs on the left, and a couple of phallic bananas. It was a good concert but you always feel a little removed from it all in a box (yes we were kindly given free corp leftovers again). I imagine the Red Piano tour in Vegas would have been pretty amazing, which is where this show was clearly designed for.

So, back to work tomorrow. I am still writing a list of goals for 2009 (I don't believe in resolutions), but for a start I have:

1. Find out what I have to achieve to get a promotion at work
2. Learn to crochet and do one of those amigurumi things, possibly a ninja vampire.
3. Buy a house
4. Lose a stone
5. Decide a direction for the wool business
6. Keep on top of the home filing

It's a strange sort of a list, because I feel like I got to a good place in my life last year - I got a new job, started a knitting group and improved my knitting, moved in with The Man, started blogging regularly. There are other things that I'd like to do, but those are more nice to haves rather than must dos. Like, spending some time writing, improve my pole dancing, do another dance class (salsa or tango), perhaps do a sewing machine class. Hopefully work will continue to be manageable so that I have time to do these things!

The beginning of 2009 looks promising though - I have two business trips abroad in January (one of which is a week in Paris), and then in February The Man and I are going to Arizona. He's got a tournament in Phoenix, so during that I'm going somewhere three hours from Tucson to be a cowgirl, which should be amazing, and then we're joining up again in Phoenix and going to see the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. I can't wait - not only to go cowgirling for a bit, which I've always wanted to do, but to do a bit of a road trip with The Man and see some stunning sites. Having these things to look forward to makes life so exciting - I love all the planning and research and anticipation!

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Glamourpuss said...

I note, with some disappointment, that 'knitting a pair of hotpants for pole dancing' is not on the list...