Thursday, August 06, 2009


Today The Man, Dad, my brother and a buddy of my Dad's are playing golf - there seems to be an ongoing tournament forming, as none of them like to lose. I am thinking of getting a trophy for them to award at the end of each game - a Perpetual Challenge Trophy, if you will.

Trouble is, do I go for tasteful or hideous? There seems to be a lot to choose from!

Something in the Swwwinnnggg!! school?

Le Comedie? (Love that turkey's expression. Perhaps he just got a ball up his butt.)

Slightly misshapen man with a slightly misshapen stick?

Crystal balls?

Not quite sure what category these are in apart from 'something I really don't want in my house'.

Amputated club heads (one with a clock!!!) One of these, and I did LOL in our very open plan office, was titled a 'Rearly Lovely Golfing Trophy'.

And the 'misc' section - one completely lacking in all taste, one pretending to be tasteful but I'm not sure if it quite succeeds, and one so completely off-piste I don't know what to think! Golfing angel anyone?

What do you think? Is it better to admit that a tasteful trophy for under 40 quid is never going to happen and just go the whole hog and get something hideous? Will that actually stop them wanting to win???

Answers on a postcard please.

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noblinknits said...

I was really surprised to see a stuffed squirrel on my friend's parent's house wall. The squirrel had been killed when hit by a golf ball so the dad had it stuffed and mounted it on the wall. Holding the golf ball that killed it.