Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Soapbox and geekiness

Well, having had a go with this new ipod, I have to say that I object, strongly. Perhaps I missed a tiny button that said 'skip' on the screen, but having to put my name, address, bank details and inside leg measurement in before I could even use the blimmin thing is rather objectionable. As and when I wish to download some itunes I will do that, but not before! I suddenly feel a fond affection for my previous, anonymous, clunky mp3 player...

Anyway, Clare sent me a great link to this on xkcd.com:

I have sent this to my mother and MIL-to-be. I hope they will print it and laminate it and refer to it at all times, but it won't happen. Hey ho.

From the xkcd site you can also purchase stickers to put on the spare buttons in your car.

It would be so tempting to use the armageddon one sometimes....

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