Friday, September 25, 2009

Socks and Crocks

Gah, I’m two parcels behind on my sock club knitting and have completely lost my sock mojo, and the next parcel is imminent. It can’t be two months since the last one, it just cayn’t!

I’ve been off work with the lurgy for two days. Being at home during the day during the week is a revelation. I suppose it’s helped that the weather has been beautiful, but there’s a very laid back industrious atmosphere in town, it’s surprisingly quiet, everyone seems to have their head down (apart from the Chavs and the slightly smug smiling mothers on maternity leave). There’s even less traffic noise outside our window. Yesterday my back was starting to twinge from too much lying on the settee so I called Clare and we went for a (very slow) walk around the Common. There was still a heavy dew in the shade and the drops tickled and cooled my bare sandalled toes.

I’m trying to plan knitting for hols. There’s the surprise knitting which has a deadline but it’s quite a way off, there’s the Whisper Cardigan which I’ve wound the yarn for (Malabrigo lace, wow it’s so soft! And so fine! I’m going to break it! And it will take years to knit up! Gah!), or some of the aforementioned sock kits. One set of dpns has gone walkabout and even my lurgified tidyings and sortings have not unearthed them. I think the clothesmoths have eaten them or taken them away to decorate their palace (they were the Knitpicks jazzy coloured ones). Bloomin clothesmoths.

One thing Clare and I were talking about was all those food blogs. My question is, does all the amazing looking food actually get eaten? Some bloggers have large families so I can believe at a push that all the cake and pies and tarts and brownies and casseroles and pot roasts get eaten, but some just have a partner in the house. Is the partner 30 stone? Do they donate stuff to charity bake sales? Or does a bit get eaten and the rest thrown away? If you have a food related blog, let me know!

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