Sunday, September 06, 2009


I've been knitting these projects for so long it was starting to feel like they'd never end, but apparently some evil fairy wasn't coming along in the night unpicking everything I'd done every day. Here is the Debbie Bliss detailed yoke jumper with the sleeves attached, so now I can actually knit the yoke. I have to say the instruction 'join raglan sleeves' took me about 20 mins to work out, because it doesn't immediately say that not all edges will be joined leaving you with just live stitches, instead there will be an edge from the sleeve and an edge from the jumper that will be left with the cast on edge ready for picking up stitches from on the next round. Thanks for that. Perhaps a diagram next time?

On the plus side I decided to do it properly and looked up how to do mattress stitch and *that* was worth while - look how smart my seams look!

I can't believe I haven't done mattress stitch before!
Other project (also Debbie Bliss) has got this far:

My camera hates the colour, it's actually a lot darker and auberginey. It was looking very skinny but now it's nearly together I think it's going to be plenty big enough. The Ravelry comments from people about the blue jumper were that it comes up really big, and I did have to rip out the first start and do the smallest size, which I think is still going to have 'plenty of positive ease'. This purple pattern actually has sleeves but I'm going to finish it sleeveless as a gilet, so just do an inch or so cuff around the armholes.

*******SPOILER ALERT********

I have to say the latest Socktopus sock club parcel was brilliant. I am almost scared to type what was in it in case some rampant knitter starts hurling abuse and comes and burgles me, but it contained Wollmeise. Yes, that's right. The yarn that sells for £100 on ebay.

Cute little project / bits bag from ZigZag Stitches, and row counter from Atomic Knitting (there are instructions somewhere online for how it works, because it just looks like a load of stitchmarkers strung together at the moment), and great looking pattern.

Cute inside of the bag!
One more drool shot of the yarn. Don't you just love that rusty ruby red? I might just knit short socks so there's enough left for an Ishbel or something...

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