Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby it's cold outside...

No work today because when I looked outside this morning it looked like this:

Actually it looked like that last night when I got home (at half past midnight due to train nightmares due to (shock) SNOW!!).
However, it turned out to be a lovely day.

The Man's car didn't think so though.

The Pantiles looked beautiful.

Look how deep the snow is!

The sky was bright bright blue. This looks like a picture taken in America somehow, what do you think?

I measured the snow on the way down London Road and it came all the way to the top of the cuff of my gloves. Which, as it turns out when I measured it when we got home, is almost 9 inches. Nine!! For gosh! No wonder SE trains thought it was a good excuse.

We had a productive day though, finishing the Christmas shopping (we walked in the roads all the way there because they were the least icy place, there was hardly any traffic and Mount Pleasant was even closed by the police), visited a Very Quiet Sainsbury's (bliss!) and then we went browsing for wedding rings. For a relatively simple item I think it's going to be as complicated as choosing a dress.

The most entertaining thing of the day was watching what traffic there was trying to get anywhere, especially the genii in rear wheel drive cars who were going nowhere fast, and where they were going was mainly sideways. One BMW tried to get around the roundabout and ended up doing a crab manouvre and coming back the same way but on the other side of the road and backwards. There were lorries stopped broadside across the High Street trying to go up an uphill turnoff and left with nowhere to slide, cars just left abandoned at the bottom of hills and dozens of people slipping over and landing on their arses. But it was so pretty!

It's due to snow again tonight. Snowmen tomorrow!!

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