Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Everyone is talking about resolutions again. I suppose this time it’s not just a new year but a new decade, which adds a certain quelque-chose. Was Y2K really ten years ago? Sheesh.

Last year these were the goals I set myself:

1. Find out what I have to do to achieve to get a promotion at work
2. Learn to crochet and do one of those amigurumi things, possibly a ninja vampire.
3. Buy a house
4. Lose a stone
5. Decide a direction for the wool business
6. Keep on top of the home filing

Have I actually done any of these things? Well, maybe one of them, and that was cutting it fine! We exchanged on a house last week, and we’ll be moving in January. Number 1 should be a quick question to my manager really, I don’t know why that wasn’t done. Lose a stone – I think I’ve lost a few pounds but over the past few months I’ve really got back into exercising so hopefully that should go a bit better now. There are so many things I’d rather do than go to the gym but I do feel better for it afterwards. Home filing has been reasonably well looked after, but I am looking forward to the new house when there will be space to have some decent systems in place for things like that. It’s not hard, it’s just little and often and dealing with things as they come in. The wool business is still languishing, and would involve sitting down with mum and dad and thrashing it out, but getting them to a) sit around a table and b) talk about the same subject for more than about 15 minutes without the phone ringing or a crisis of the sheep getting out or the tractor breaking down or someone not being available for babysitting the grandchild or a vet emergency happening or even just being able to not get sidetracked and start talking about who’s died recently or if some forms came in the post or have I got enough chutney? is slim in the extreme.

Crochet progress has been woeful. I have purchased two books on the subject and that is all. The knitting group girls are trying to encourage me to do the Ravelympics 2010 learn a new yarn skill event and actually crochet something during the 14 days of the Winter Olympics. Is that rather optimistic, or is it the deadline I need? Also, what should I crochet? Does one granny square count?

2009 has been a positive year though, on the whole. Good things that have happened:

1. We got engaged in April
2. We have bought a house
3. Lots of good and positive things have happened at work – this job seems to be suiting me
4. My back has got 99% better (yay!) which means there are no excuses now about exercise (bum)
5. I finished a life coaching course and am nearly qualified (just need a few more hours practise)
6. I have in large part sorted out the wedding7. The Man became an uncle
8. We travelled to the States twice (Arizona in Feb and Florida in October)

2010 promises to be a very busy year and I’m feeling exhausted at the prospect of it. The main events will be:

1. Move house
2. Sort out said house
3. Working in the Paris office for a month
4. Walking the Yorkshire Three Peaks for a work charity event
5. Get married
6. Do Christmas.

Yes, the families have decided that as we’re going to be in a big house, we can host Christmas next year. Lawdy. No pressure! Moving house in itself is OK, if you’re organised, but this house will need some redecorating and also possibly a new boiler and rewiring. Perhaps those things can wait until 2011… Plus we need to furnish somewhere much bigger than we’re used to, which to me sounds rather expensive (you should see what TV system The Man is planning!), before we even get to the wedding. Argh. You can see why I’d rather just stay in bed with the duvet over my head at the moment, wibbling softly to myself.

So perhaps I shall only set myself a very small set of goals because I will be busy enough with all these things as it is. Things I would like to do:

1. Go to a dance class; tango is looking favourite at the moment, or maybe jive or something energetic too


2. Learn to bloody crochet.

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rosebud101 said...

Enjoy your goals. Crocheting is truly much easier than knitting. I tried to knit several times. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong until someone said, "You're crocheting with knitting needles." No more knitting for me!