Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blood, sweat and cupcakes

Sorry for radio silence but things have been happening offline, promise!

Firstly I did the Yorkshire Three Peaks walk with work. 26 miles, 1600m cumulative climbing, supposed to be done in 12 hours. We did it last Friday and it was also 24degrees (at least) so it was hot for Yorkshire, and also hot for walking!! We completed the circuit in 13.5hrs, but actually walking time was about 10.5hrs. What can I say, we needed breaks. Boy, did we...

We started at 7am up Pen-y-ghent, then there was a 9 mile walk to the next peak.

But we all completed it and it was a job well done! Still lots more money to raise for charidee though...

Although at the peaks it was windy and cool (and we also had to put the corporate windbreakers on for photo ops) I have some stunning Tshirt and watch shaped tan lines now, which is just going to be dandy for the wedding in 4 months... Gah!

But onto less tiring things... I went to do a cupcake course at Faircake in Greenwich. I did the Roses and Buttercream one and it was fab. (You can also follow Faircake on facebook.) I learnt so much, I was frantically scribbling loads of notes trying to get it all down before I forgot it! Sugar craft is not something I've done before but it's something I've wanted to try, because I likes me a posh cake. :) And really, it's not that hard after all, as long as you know which widget to wield at the appropriate time. Check out this sugar rose! Excuse the marshmallow pink, apparently cartoon colours can be avoided with a dash of yellow or ivory into the mix, but I discovered that later. So now you know.

And these are the cupcakes. Yummo.

I love the big flowers on green grass icing best I think because they're so cute, but the blush swirls are classic Faircake and the reason I wanted to do the class.


Next time we will be investigating how to transform a garden (if it ever stops raining...).

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