Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Having a good housemate is a great thing. I love coming back from work and finding that the dead flowers have been thrown away and the vase washed up, or the washing hung out, or the dinner started. I hope I do similarly nice things like tidying up and taking the bins out. It's great sharing with a girl! Sharing with a bloke means coming home either to find him lounging on the sofa in a cloud of crisp crumbs, watching football while scratching his nuts, or not back at all because he's still 'networking' in the pub after work. Yeah right. Does anyone know a bloke who does not conform to these trends??

Other good thing about female housemates:

1. They can approve completely unnecessary shopping purchases like shoes, because the shoes were beautiful and they were also about two-thirds off in the sale.

2. You can discuss knitting with them.

3. You can have a giggle with them.

4. They will never look at you disapprovingly for eating lots of dinner, because they will be naughtily eating lots of dinner with you.

5. Between you, you can source helpful men to help put shelves up.

6. They look suitably impressed by the other managing to successfully use the power drill.

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