Monday, January 08, 2007

What a tangled web we weave

Two options on this post:

1. Double pointed needles are a nightmare, but just try using them with doubled yarn (mixing two yarns) on the train with no elbow room. Argh. I thought knitting was supposed to be therapeutic??

2. Is it just me whose life is not like an episode of Eastenders? I met someone recently who turns out to be a bisexual pagan. Someone else at work has the Family Life from Hell, with his sons alternatively coming home to sleep on the sofa when they are kicked out of their various girlfriends' council flats. One got married, had a daughter, his wife had an affair and kicked him out / he left, she took up with the other man and got very difficult about letting him see the kid, then she broke up with the other guy and wanted her husband back, but turns out she's pregnant by the other guy. Meanwhile the mothers (in-law) are alternately falling ill and making large demands on time, while the rest of the family (in-law) causes other untold grief. Good God. I think I'll just stay in my sleepy village and keep my head down.

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