Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hunt Watch

I loved Life on Mars, but the scriptwriters for Ashes to Ashes are really going for it with the Hunt-isms. Hurrah for un-PCness! Gene Hunt we love you.

From Ep 1:

Hunt: Put your knickers on, you're nicked.

From Ep 2:
Hunt: (To the team) Don’t ever tell me how to drive, this motor’s more a part of me than my own ball sack.

Hunt: (To Alex Drake) You’re looking very chirpy Bowles, been sitting on the washing machine again?

I'm going to start a drinking game - for every quote that you'd get hauled in front of HR for these days, drink a dig*. For every time he says 'knickers', down it. I foresee some messy Monday nights....

*dig = digit, ie one finger's worth of whatever's in the glass.

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