Friday, April 24, 2009

Normal service will resume

Here are the latest knitting projects:

Cable rib cardigan from Debbie Bliss, which will be sleeveless and therefore a gilet.

Heart baby pants (trousers, people!) from Hannah Fetig's Cherished Knits. It was a bit difficult sewing the hearts on while on the train without pins and getting them level so I think the one on the left knee (on the right here) will need to be repositioned.

And finally what I bought with some birthday money. An all grown up wool winder! No more hand-wound balls rolling off the settee and into teacups! Hurrah!

£16 off ebay plus P&P. Bargain.

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Helena said...

This week I bought a hook, wool and a child's book on learning to crochet. Wish me luck. In this book, little mousies are doing it. If rodents can then surely I can-????

Mind you, as my dad always pointed out, elephants can swim but I can't.


I like your new toy. Looks like a friendly robot.