Monday, June 02, 2008


I've just phoned the estate agents to say that we don't want that nice flat with the garden and garden shed after all. Which is a real shame, because on the surface it was lovely. But the survey threw up some problems with damp, and the vendors were becoming arsey, so we were getting a bit sceptical. We had a long hard Thunk as Pooh would say, and decided that it would be best all round if The Man bought out Darling Flatmate at a mutually convenient time.

So, no pottering in the flowerbeds or sewing cute little curtains for my shed studio. At least, not for a couple of years. But it does mean that I get to stay in a flat that I (mainly) like, and finish some more of the work I wanted to do on it, and it's in a great part of town. As for gardens and big kitchens and whatnot, well, that will just have to wait.

Now, what will be interesting is what sort of stamp The Man wants to make on the place. For the other flat, he was talking about vast flat screen TVs and various other boy-pad toys. And he wants to buy a mountain bike. Not so practical in a first floor flat. We won't need a huge amount of new kit when DF moves out, so there won't be much scope for showing new design flair. Unless he wants to get really wacky crockery, which I doubt. I know that when I moved in to an ex's flat where he had been living for a while, it was more like being a house-guest. I didn't have any space to make anything Mine, and that starts to get annoying. So, I foresee that we just ride through this 'housing crisis' for a year or two and then get somewhere we can make a home out of together, starting from scratch.

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