Monday, June 30, 2008

Mid year resolutions

Every year at New Year I don't make resolutions. I object to being pinned to a date to do so. Sometime around February I resolved to carry a notebook with me at all times for random jottings, and not to spend money on stuff unless I Really Really actually needed it. These have both worked out reasonably well. The spending money still seems to vanish but at least I don't have a wardrobe of impulse-bought clothes and other crapola I don't actually like.

Here are some thoughts for mid-year resolutions:

1. Carry a camera more
For blogging. I love posts with pics! And really, how hard is it now to just slip a little digi camera in your bag? I then have to start to turn into the shameless blog snapper who takes pics of everything, including socks in transit.

2. Call Grandma more
She is always the one to call me, and berates me for never getting in touch even though we live in the same end of the same town. I am a useless grand-daughter. Actually she's requested another trip to Sainsbury's, so she doesn't have to go on the Comp-aid minibus, and this is an event which I have to set aside at least all morning for. But at least since I've had a bad back, I know what it's like to have to move slowly. We do have a giggle once I make myself slow down. I spend over an hour trying to teach her how to use the bar code zapper last time, so she could scan her own shopping. Ah, technology.

3. Write down knitting projects I want to do
Of which there are usually several. Here goes:
  • Cardigan with cable trim from one of the recent knitting mags
  • Tank top of own design from the pale green cotton yarn I got from a market in Turkey
  • Toy elephant from Ysolda's designs for my new second-cousin. Soo cute!
  • New pattern for Aragon Yarns for the knitting and stitch show in October. Possibly a felted bag?
I'll think of some more. If I was feeling reckless foolhardy diligent I'd put
4. Do some professional exams
but I fear that still won't happen before Xmas, despite my best intentions. And if I did only one, all I'd become is an MCP, which is not the best thing to have on a business card. *:)

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Glamourpuss said...

I am disappointed to note that the hotpants have not made it onto your list of projects.