Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend domesticalia

I don't know if that's a real word but it looks good. *:)

This was supposed to be an ultra-busy weekend of trips to see bands in London, but instead it turned out to be a nice relaxing sorting-out weekend involving things that I always want to do but never usually have time for. The most precious sort of weekend really, that only turn up when you least expect them and you wish could go on for days and days.

I popped home and one of our dogs is two weeks off having her puppies. Check out her tummy draping on the ground!

Here are some of the other dogs posing:

Here is one of the dozen or so attempts to get them to sit still:

The plan at home was to sort out some of the hundreds of books in my old room, and take some back to put on Freecycle. I've just done a great run on Freecycle and got rid of about 2 metres worth pretty much overnight, so I sorted out another two big boxes worth, all gung-ho, and the Mother comes in and says, 'Oh no, you can't get rid of them! Someone might want some of them.' And the usual classic, 'Are they all yours anyway?' Argh!! Just throw stuff away! And she wonders why her house is full of everyone else's junk. The boxes are still at home waiting for everyone to pick through them and put stuff back on the shelves... Anyway, I can recommend Freecycle. You just leave stuff on the doorstep and the freecycle fairies come and magic it away.

Then at the Man's mum's, there was time to bake bread. I used Mother of Chaos' twice risen bread recipe, which gives a good texture but I found a little sweet. Perhaps American bread is sweeter, who knows? But it was fun to do! We are still getting the hang of the Aga, so some was a little bien cuit.

The Man wanted to make a bread boob. Whatchyagonnado?

Man's mum's also got wild strawberries growing on the wall outside.They're about the size of a small pea and just explode with strawberry flavour. Mmmm.

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Glamourpuss said...

You should have made two bread breasts - that way, you could leave the house for hours, days even, and he'd be none the wiser! Just think of the freedom...