Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers' Day

I love and appreciate both my parents very much, but I don't spend enough time with either of them, and I *especially* don't spend enough time with Dad. Dad is a brilliant person who has a very quick brain, but that quick brain has led him to take on an awful lot (he is a farmer and a vet and does all sorts of other things), so consequently he is nearly always working. He's always about, because he works from home, but he just sort of pops up, says hello, drinks tea, bolts a sandwich, watches a quick race on the telly, and zooms out again. He's so busy thinking about other stuff that you literally have to poke him sometimes to get his attention, and asking him to remember something is dicey in the extreme.

So I made him make some time for me at the weekend. It was not quite physically dragging him off the premises, but almost. I had an hour or so to play with, which was quite impressive really! We went to Sissinghurst Gardens, because the roses are so beautiful at the moment, and although we had a calming cup of tea in the restaurant to start with, it was interesting to see that it still took an effort to slow down in the gardens and literally take the time to smell the roses. You could see the mental checklist there - rose garden, check; nut orchard, check; herb garden, hmmm.. that smells nice! Perhaps I shall pretend I don't know the unwritten rules of National Trust gardens, and just pick off a few leaves to carry with me. Oh, and what's this Roman artefact? What does the inscription mean?

And finally, he started walking at tourist pace....

All these pics were taken in the White Garden.

Recommended for overworked fathers. *:)

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Glamourpuss said...

Sissinghurst is adorable - at any time of the year - but the white garden is rather special. Good choice.