Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Socks that fit

It's not something you expect to hear, your physio telling you to up the pole dancing. But hey, whatever works! My back always seems to be better after pole, and it's fantastic for core stability, so I suppose even for a physio trying to fix me it qualifies as beneficial. I finally braved an invert yesterday, it wasn't glamorous or easy, but after about six attempts I finally managed to get my ankles around the pole. I am hugely out of practise, and today my biceps and shoulders are complaining, but it's good to have got upside down again. Finally! I need to get a pole for the house so I can practise any time I like. I'm sure the Man and the neighbours would just love that!

Unfortunately some twathead keyed my car sometime Sunday night / Monday so this month's fun money is going to go on a respray job.... Sigh.

Had another knitting group meeting tonight. One of the lovely girls brought her sister along. It's really interesting seeing the mix of people who come along. There have been three knitting groups in town now, so you can pick one to suit: the trendy student one, the -um- older lady one, and ours, which is more for young professionals and young mums, who like online knitting gossip and downloading free patterns, and have some interesting life histories already but still know how to have a drink and discuss the best places to go clubbing.

So anyway, I am embarking on the third sock of a pair, because the first one was too small so I frogged it. The second turns out now to be too long in the foot, because I added a bit compared to the first, and failed to remember that socks actually stretch when they're on, so I added too much and now could actually become a size nine. Duh. I'll learn!


Glamourpuss said...

I wish my physio would say the same. Sigh.

When are you going to knit those hotpants we discussed?


Katie said...

It's on the list!! When are you going to demonstrate the Inverted Superwhore?? *:)

Glamourpuss said...

Honey, my whole life is a demonstration of the Inverted Superwhore...