Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Twenty20 Cricket

Apparently it's not written 20:20, like the vision thing. *:) I am being slowly indoctrinated into the ways of Sport Fandom. This involves taking any opportunity to watch any sort of sport (although I'm not sure he's quite reached the heights of Chariot Racing in Welsh, which is available in the bowels of Sky). But, thankfully, this cricket was Live. We went down en masse to Brighton to watch Sussex fail miserably against Essex.

Twenty20 is speed cricket - 20 overs each, so the match lasts three hours rather than five days, and there are lots of fours and sixes scored, balls whizzing all over the park. I can't say I agree with the blaring music every time someone gets a 4 or 6 though, it's really, so to speak, just not cricket.

The seagulls were quite insistent. The Man's brother had a near miss - he had swapped seats just five seconds before this happened:

And I have taken my first Travelling Sock picture!

I actually had a moment's panic that the stewards would confiscate my lethal weapons aka dpns. I am so brainwashed by the airlines. *:) The Man was very patient, but as he was sitting with buddies I refrained from being a crazy woman who was photographing my knitting right next to them, and wandered up to near the bar. The chaps there really didn't mind, as long as I was getting a round in!

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