Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Up in the air

Argh. Life is being rather fraught at the moment. From pulling out of the sale of one flat in order to carry on living where I am now but with a different cohabitee, it seems that there may also be a change of plan on that too. Having been unable to agree a price amongst us, it seems that the best way to see what the flat is actually worth is to just put it on the market and sell it.

Now, I'm never one to get too stressed with things and I like to think I roll with the changes quite well, but I am getting cross about all this mind-changing lately. Perhaps it's also because I am having to manage the same kind of thing at work - a large project with dozens of people involved who really don't seem to communicate with each other or know what's supposed to be going on. (Plus half of them are French and understanding project plans in franglais or English that looks like it's come through a translation wizard is hard for some people.) And then they inflict ridiculously unreasonable deadlines.

Glamourpuss has just posted about things you like about yourself that others might find annoying. Well, this is the opposite way around - these are things other people probably like about me that I find annoying. I am waaaay too understanding and patient with people sometimes. Instead of saying, 'it doesn't matter, we'll sort it out', what I really should say is, 'It does matter, you're pissing me off.'


Well, as some sort of relief to all this crapola, we had the inaugural meeting of a new knitting group for T Wells last night, and it was surprisingly well attended. I organised it through Ravelry and there were five other lovely ladies who turned up, laughed, drank wine, helped each other through knitting panics, and generally had fun. And they want to do it all again! I even got some tuition on how to knit lace (lace knitting is different from knitting lace apparently, did you know?).

Notes on knitting lace:
1. Write on the pattern. A lot.
2. Don't try to make witty chitchat with exciting new people when knitting lace.
3. Don't drink while knitting lace. (In fact, don't drink and knit. Bad, bad plan involving much ripping out of stitches the next day.)
4. 'No stitch' is just that, a big black hole of nothingness, which you should liken to that thing that the boffins predict space can do where it just folds up and you skip a million light years without thinking about it, tripping along without noticing a difference.
5. Count.

Battle plan for future knitting meet-ups: take complicated project to show people, but just knit socks.

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